For as bad as I am at basketball, I absolutely love watching it. I could spend far, far too much time just watching to random basketball teams of any level play basketball. I went to every home basketball game my junior year. They won one game and it was away game, every other game they lost by at least thirty. My point is that I love watching basketball.

My grandmother came to America in 1982 due to her marrying an American that was in the army. She didn’t particularly care for the sport when she first came to America, but  had become a huge fan of the team after she learned about David Robinson. David Robinson was a basketball player for the Navy, but had become too tall to actually work for the Navy. He ended up doing other things for them like charity work and recruiting which seemed to endear him to my grandmother for some reason. So even though she nor I have never been to Texas we support the Spurs.

Me and Oma.

This year she took me to a Spurs game in Atlanta to watch them play the Hawks. It was a great game that even went into overtime, but could have ended if the game winner attempted by Kawhi Leonard had went in completely. The ball rolled around the rim off of his jumper from around the free throw line for went felt like ever. It rolled off and the Hawks went on to win the game in overtime. While it would have been better if I saw the Spurs won it’s still my fondest basketball related memory.

One thought on “Swish.

  1. Jordan, “Swish” offers a thoughtful introduction to you, focusing on your passion for watching basketball. I encourage you to look to your blog as a place to write posts of your own in addition to the ones that you write for class. Use your blog’s editing feature to delete the blank blog post and the widget note that appear on your site.


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